Marijuana Business Services


Packaged and Individual Business Services

In an effort to assist your business in saving regulatory and compliance legal services costs, Northern Colorado Marijuana Business Attorney specializes in offering both Packaged and Individual Marijuana Business billing arrangements while still offering standard legal hourly billing arrangements. 

Packaged/Bundled Services

Knowing your regulatory and legal consulting costs upfront is important to thriving in a heavily regulated industry as compliance costs can be significant.  Flexible package billing ensure you get what you expect without hourly billing surprises.  

Hourly Billing Arrangements

If you are a just starting out in the industry or have specific marijuana caregiver or personal possession questions, we offer standard billing rates based upon your particular needs.  Contact us for more information.

Complete Startup Packages

Local Authority Searches/Zoning Review

The first step for any Marijuana Business is to find a location that has not banned Marijuana Businesses outright.  We can assist you in locating the right jurisdiction for your Marijuana Business through municipal code and zoning reviews.

Owner/Investor/Structure Analysis

State Regulations have changed as of January 1, 2017 and new owner and investor classifications have been created.  Northern Colorado Marijuana Attorney offers a comprehensive analysis of your proposed business ownership structure to ensure your application will be accepted.

Complete Marijuana Business Startup

Whether your business will be leasing or developing its own location, our Firm can assist you. From simple negotiations to complex intellectual property matters, we are available every step of the way. 

Pricing Information

Submit your contact information to learn more about our Marijuana Business Startup packages and bundled services.

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